Nov 4, 2012

Bible Study Ideas

Looking for great bible study ideas? If your group is made up of new believers you may want to do a study that covers the fundamentals of the faith, or an apologetics bible study , or a study on the life of christ. On the other hand, if most of the members are Christians looking to deepen their faith, a bible study on christian living or an evangelism study might be more appropriate. There are also many more targeted studies such as recovery, forgiveness, and end times bible studies that can help Christians understand what the Bible says about a particular topic.

 There are many available ladies bible studies or bible studies for mens groups as well. Popular women's authors include Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Lysa TerKeurst, Kay Author, and the women of faith series. Men's groups might prefer studies from Josh McDowell, John Piper, Tony Dungy, or the men of character series. If your group is made up of couples you might want to consider a bible study on relationships, a marriage study, or a bible study for parents.

 To look for general Bible study ideas from all series, authors, and audiences you can view the most popular bible studies or bible studies with videos. Finally, no matter what you choose make sure the study has you reading and thinking about the Bible. There is no substitute for the focused study of God's word to help a Christian grow and flourish in their faith.