May 21, 2012

Heaven, Bible Study by Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn has long had an interest in the subject of eternity and his new bible study on heaven builds on that history with great biblical research into the subject. Often not addressed from the pulpit at length, the subject of heaven is one of the least understood and yet most thought of topics in the Christian life, especially when loved ones die. Unfortunately heaven, for many christians, consists of glowing figures, coral music and other niceties gleamed from TV and movie depictions. But Alcorn goes much deeper into the subject of our eternal destination and judgement, of course he approaches it with a style that leaves room to imagine the blessings God has for us and ultimately give us courage here on earth. You can see more details, including a video preview of Randy Alcorn's heaven bible study here.

May 7, 2012

Crazy Love Bible Study by Francis Chan

Francis Chan once again delivers a great bible study that is bound to cause the comfortable christian to question, "am I too comfortable"? He delivers, in an honest style, key question and insights from his personal journey that encourages participants to a higher level of commitment. Going through the study, a Christian can't help but question their purpose on earth and seek God for an expanded vision and plan for thier lives. Your can view more details on the Crazy Love Bible Study Here.