Jun 21, 2011

"Women of Faith" Bible Studies

The Women of Faith series has a unique combination of personality and truth and offers fresh messages to women interested in growing in intimacy with God. These in-depth bible studies are perfect for small groups and individual study and feature insights and quotes from the 'Women of Faith' conference speakers. Each book contains 12 sessions and includes a leader's guide for small group bible studies. Here is a complete list of available "Women of Faith" Bible Studies

Ray VanderLaan Small Group Bible Studies

Ray VanderLaan is beloved for his engaging style and ability to make the the stories and places of the Bible come alive for the believer today. Participants in his small group studies are taken on video tours of the Jewish lands featured in the in Bible. Depending on which bible study curriculum chosen VanderLaan video studies cover everything from the Old Testament kings, to the Messiah, to the founding of the early church. VanderLaan links cultural information and the Bible and encourages christians to follow God's call to be a transforming influence on their culture. Here is a full list of Ray VanderLaan bible studies.

"Walk Thru" Small Group Bible Studies

Walk Thru the Bible Series is a comprehensive bible study series that feature character studies from the old and new testament as well as topics like love and faith. The studies are either 6 or 8 sessions and usually can be completed in 1-2 hours per session. Currently there are 16 total studies to choose from, you can view a full list of walk thru bible studies here.

Bible Studies on Apologetics

Apologetics, in short, is the defense of the Christian faith. Small Group bible studies focused on the subject of Apologetics help participants to understand the uniqueness of Christianity and how it stands up rationally against criticism. These types of studies are also helpful to new believers and seekers since they explain why Christianity stands out in today's world where moral relativism and atheistic arguments are increasingly common. Notable autors from this category include Lee Strobel, Andy Stanley, Chuck Colson, and Ravi Zacharias. See a complete list of bible studies on Apologetics here.